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Some of the films released in the first year of the pandemic, such as Christopher Nolan’s principle, had a huge promotion and got a lot of pre-release buzz. Many others, however, do not. Director Michael Matthews Love and monsters – are currently heating the streaming charts for services like. at Hulu and Parent + – definitely falls into the category “didn’t get enough fanfare”.

However, that doesn’t mean the audience won’t find it anyway. In fact, it still has a pretty vocal fan base for the movie that’s active on social media. plus Love and monsters stan accounts and mostly positive reviews – including the pretty excellent reviews the film has received Rotten tomatoes. But we’ll go into all of that below.

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Love and monsters Movie, stream now

Why is? According to the film’s official synopsis, the story is as follows. “Seven years after the monster pocalypse, all of humanity is forced to live in underground colonies. When Joel Dawson (Dylan O’Brien) reconnects over the radio with his high school friend Aimee, who lives 80 miles away on the coast, he begins to fall in love with her again.

“Joel realizes that there’s nothing left underground for him. And despite all the dangers that stand in his way, he decides to go in search of his true love. “

the Love and monsters Actor includes, in addition to O’Brien, Jessica Henwick. She plays the high school sweetheart. And besides, she is also part of the cast for one of the most anticipated films of 2021 (The Matrix Resurrections).

miscellaneous Love and monsters Actors are Michael Rooker and Ariana Greenblatt. “In a monster-infested world,” says the film’s press material, “Joel (Dylan O’Brien) learns that his high school mistress (Jessica Henwick) is only 85 miles away.”

This is seven years after they were separated by a monster riot. Now? Joel has to discover his inner hero. Which requires “on the impossible journey of facing unknown dangers to be with the girl of his dreams”.


At the time of this writing Love and monsters has a pretty excellent audience rating of 89%. This is based on more than 50 verified user reviews.

On the other side of the equation? The film also has an even more impressive 94% rating from the review summary site. That’s based on 108 reviews like this one from the Radio times that goes in part: “It doesn’t break the mold, but Love and monsters is a fun, fast-paced genre film with its sticky heart in the right place. “

Flickering myth praised the film even more and warned viewers that at your own risk you should dismiss this film as ordinary young adult fare. “Because you’re going to miss out on an adventure at the end of the world that is both emotionally rewarding and monstrous fun.