The Blanc Cristal agency and the European leader in distance learning, Skill & You, provide quality certified education to students, hence the reason for the signing of the partnership agreement on Tuesday 12 July. These trainings concern professionals, dropouts, disabled people and those in need of training or retraining for a better employability rate. As the first country to pioneer the training offered by Skill & You (Educatel) in Central Africa, with an arsenal of 99 certified trainings, Gabon will have trainings adapted to its market.

Blanc Cristal also offers distance learning courses to Gabonese people. The National Digital Talent Competition (CNTN) rewards young people, students and pupils, for their talent and creativity in proposing digital solutions to their environment.
“The goal is to offer certified training delivered online for learners whether they are students, professionals, dropouts, those who need training or retraining,” said Virginie Mounanga.

There is a panoply of training certifying 99, listed in 18 sectors of professional activity in line with the needs of the national market. The curriculum contains training such as digital, accounting, management, HR to trades in the paramedical, engineering, construction, wood etc..

The role of each partner defined in the contract

According to the terms of the contract, the group will provide the content of the courses, which will be online. “At the Gabon level with Blanc Cristal, we will follow up with these learners. Those who do not have a computer and a connection will be able to benefit from our training room to follow their courses,” said Virginie Mounanga.

Although online, there will also be face-to-face teachers for the tutorials. The idea is that learners assimilate the concepts and do not drop out simply because of the online training.