IBAT College will offer the unemployed a free cybersecurity course



Business-focused IBAT College has received government funding to offer its free Springboard + cybersecurity course in September 2021.

IBAT College Dublin has obtained funding from the government to provide a Cybersecurity course for managers that will be free to people who are not working and looking for a different career path in Ireland.

The course is conducted within the framework of the Springboard + 2021 higher education and skills enhancement program and is one of 294 courses approved for funding at 34 providers.

To qualify for a free Springboard + course, potential students must be unemployed, actively looking for work, and available to begin work. For those already employed, course fees are subsidized up to 90% for courses at levels 7, 8 and 9 of the National Qualifications Framework.

Joe Gorey, Director of IBAT College Dublin said that approval of the funding, which allows for 35 fully funded places in the cybersecurity course, would allow the university to “provide principals from multiple disciplines with the awareness and level of expertise needed to help to identify the potential [cybersecurity] weaknesses, act quickly in case an attack or system is compromised and how to deal with the aftermath of said event. “

Gorey added: “Cybersecurity is a very hot topic as can be seen from the amount of media coverage around the world and it is vital to ensuring the smooth running of everything from a variety of industries, defense, banking and purchasing in line”.

There is currently a skills shortage in Ireland for cybersecurity, which has been revealed during the Covid-19 pandemic and after recent cyber attacks on the HSE.

IBAT College, which is a tertiary institution primarily focused on business, currently has three complementary cyber courses: the 12-week online diploma in cyber and digital security, the 10-month online cyber professional course, and the diploma in compTIA + security line.

The first admission of students to receive the funds will be in September 2021 and the funds will be provided on a first-come, first-served basis.

For more information on IBAT College’s Cybersecurity Course for Managers, see here.