90 days fiancé Big Ed, Liz reacts to pregnancy rumors



Big Ed and Liz. Courtesy Elizabeth Marie / Instagram

Expand family! And “Big Ed” Brown‘s partner, LisaHe mentioned a new addition, but it turned out that “baby brother” is not a human sibling.

“We welcome 4 paws,” the 28-year-old restaurant manager said in a statement In contact on Tuesday September 14th. “[My daughter] asked for a sibling and I told her we could have a dog instead. “

The rumors started when Liz posted a picture of her daughter she shares with an ex on Tuesday. “Blanket for the little brother,” wrote Liz on Instagram Stories. “Our family is growing.”

Ed, 56, has one more child. The photographer was previously married to ex-wife Sandra and they share daughter Tiffany.

Last year the reality star told Us Weekly that his relationship with the real estate agent was “back on track” after she disagreed with him 90 days fiancé: Before the 90 days. “That would have been terrible [if I lost my daughter]”The TLC personality told Us in April 2020.” But absolutely, 100 percent no regrets. “

The California resident had “never heard of the show” when he joined in to meet his then-girlfriend Rosemarie “Rose” Vega. “My daughter and ex-wife were huge fans, so they could … We back then. “I love my daughter. She is – and I say this with love and respect – a pain in the ass, just like her father. Her mother tells her every day: ‘You are just like your father’ and we are. We are very passionate about who we are. We are very honest people. “

After breaking up with Rose, 25, Ed “hired a dating coach.” Then he moved on with Liz.

Liz agreed to move in with him in May, Ed said exclusively US in May stated, “The fact is, I wanted us to get to know each other better before putting a ring on her finger, so I really wanted to make sure we were compatible. … I thought I was such a great guy. She won the lottery. “

Ed noted that when Liz told him she loved him, the statement “cemented” his bond with her and her daughter.

“I really opened my heart, which is difficult when you let someone in after so many years. It’s scary, ”said Ed US going out with Liz. “It doesn’t mean to say to someone, ‘I can’t live without you.’ It says to someone, ‘I can live with you as you are.’ And for me you know then – if you can really love someone for who they are and who they are – you have a winner. “

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